Revolutionise the way you clean your espresso machine

In this issue of Food & Drink Matters, we are delighted to feature House of Espresso as our Coffee Machine Cleaning Company of the Month.

It is paramount that coffee chains maintain premium aromas and flavour profiles at all times, to satisfy growing UK consumer demand. One of the most important measures that a coffee chain/house can implement is optimised coffee machine cleaning, not only does this save on repairs and maintenance but it guarantees delicious signature coffee every time.

House of Espresso is a newcomer to the UK coffee scene but as the sole UK distributor of the established Cafelier product, it has already had a sizeable impact. Award-winning Cafelier is the world’s first automated device that cleans espresso machines automatically. With a simple touch of a button, the Professional CAFELIER C2 cleans in only 10 seconds. Throughout the day, baristas can use this cordless wizardry to quickly clean machines, saving cleaning time at the end of the day. By elevating your cleaning routine today, you are guaranteeing a perfect cup of espresso every time.

We caught up with the founder of House of Espresso: Erwin Bos to find out more, “We are the exclusive distributor of Cafelier for the UK market. Cafelier is the only fully automatic grouphead cleaner on the market currently that will eliminate manual cleaning completely. We produce one version for the professional coffee market and one home version to enable baristas and homeowners to save time, ensure consistency and performance, to produce the best flavours.”

“We envisage all espresso coffee machines across the country, will soon be using Cafelier cleaners as standard.”

“The benefits are multiple, from water, energy and time saving costs, to a safer, quicker way to clean for all staff, long-time savings on maintenance and repair costs and of course, each espresso cup poured is consistently pure perfection. Most Cafelier users see a 25-fold reduction in both time and money spent on cleaning, compared to the more traditional, manual methods.”

“We provide local demo sessions and trainings in collaboration with established coffee machine manufacturers. Our offices are based in London and the production facilities in Slovenia, where the machines are lovingly hand-assembled.”

The Cafelier C2 is easy to use, simply attach it to the espresso machine group head filter, press the water flow button and activate the Cafelier cleaning system. For the duration of ten seconds, the LED light will indicate cleaning is in progress. For each product bought, customers receive two brushes, one charging adapter, and a 12-month warranty card.

Established customers have been sharing glowing testimonies on the Cafelier website, calling it a game-changer across the frontline coffee industry, “Today our employees clean the machine up to 6x per day with no injuries, which for us is a big success. To us, the most important aspect is the quality of prepared coffee through the whole day, but the best thing about Cafelier is that it is fully automated.” Dragica Novakovic: catering Director at Sava Hotels & Resorts.

Looking to the future, House of Espresso is poised to introduce some new products to enhance the cleaning experience, “We have recently increased production capacity to ensure short lead times. In addition, we have launched a subscription model for our brushes that will guarantee that each Cafelier user will always have fresh, high-quality brushes each month. Furthermore, from January 2024, we will be introducing the Cafelier Stand and docking station, which will give Cafelier its prominent place on the counter of each coffeeshop. Fully charged and ready for use!”

“Looking further ahead, House of Espresso is in the process of finalising purchasing an important stake in Cafelier. This will enable The Cafelier brand to grow further in the UK and beyond under one brand.”

For more information on the HOME and PROFESSIONAL models, please see the website below: