Savour the flavour with Belazu’s premium hand-roasted snacks

Belazu was born to inspire and serve chefs in every kitchen. From the UK’s top restaurants to food lovers and home cooks alike, if you are passionate about flavour, Belazu will help you to transform any dish with their range of high-quality chef-grade ingredients.

When Belazu founder George Bennell tried his first Provençal olive at a French farmer’s market in 1991 and decided to bring them back home, their rich partnership with chefs was born. Today, those olives – along a rich variety of authentic ingredients – are available for everyone from home cooks to culinary experts.

Belazu prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. From the sun-drenched groves of the Mediterranean to the bustling spice markets of the Middle East, every product is selected with care and a commitment to quality and provenance that you can taste. If they’re not proud enough to present a product to a Michelin-starred chef, then they won’t source it or produce it.

Their extensive range includes everything from pantry staples such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, to speciality items such as Truffle and Artichoke Pesto, Rose Harissa Paste and Tahini. Their website is not just a store, it is a hub of culinary inspiration featuring recipes, tips, and inspiration from food enthusiasts and professional chefs.

Belazu’s Head of Product Innovation, Andrew Ritchie, says, “Belazu ingredients have been proudly supplied to chefs in the UKs best restaurants for over 30 years, and we’re excited to be sharing these same products with consumers through their local supermarket, allowing home cooks to replicate restaurant-quality dishes in their own kitchens.”

When it came to selecting their packaging, Belazu needed to put their trust in someone who would reflect their commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, so we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to help.

Choosing National Flexible as your packaging supplier means partnering with a company that is dedicated to excellence, innovations, and sustainability. We knew how important it was to provide Belazu with packaging that helps to retain the authentic taste and high quality, with effective protection during transport. With all of this in mind, together we produced a 20 OPP/28 Extendo laminate, with a soft touch lacquer.

High quality packaging reinforces Belazu’s brand image as a purveyor of premium, gourmet products. Attractive, well-designed packaging not only stands out on shelves but also builds trust with customers, assuring them of the products quality and the company’s attention to detail.

With Belazus’ commitment to sustainability being extended to their snack range, they prioritise environmentally friendly sourcing and packaging, allowing you to enjoy their delicious nut and snack mixes with a clear conscience. The new packaging has been produced to be conveniently recycled in store, helping to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving natural resources.

The Smoked Chilli Nut Mix, Rosemary Snack Mix, and Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix are hand roasted with care, ensuring a level of craftmanship that mass-produced snacks simply cannot match. So, if you haven’t tried them yet – why not give them a try?

If you would like to discuss your packaging needs, let us help you elevate your brand with packaging that not only protects and preserves, but also enhances the appeal of your products.

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