SumUp: Supporting small but mighty businesses with the quick-service package

Smaller businesses are the lifeblood of communities, cities and rural areas, from coffee counters to takeaways and everything in between, quick-service businesses provide customers with quality products in a fast and convenient way. SumUp is now supporting these quick-service businesses with a complete package that equips them with the tools they need to transform the way they work.

The quick-service package from SumUp aims to provide a complete toolkit of solutions that simplify the everyday tasks of quick-service businesses. These tasks include ordering processes, business management and payment acceptance. The package consists of a SumUp Kiosk, Point of Sale Pro, a Solo card reader and a kitchen display screen. All of these products work seamlessly together to improve the flow of quick-service venues, and are offered at a discounted price.

SumUp Kiosk is a self-service ordering terminal that is all about streamlined services: queues are cut by up to 50% and busy kitchen staff receive automated priority ordering systems. Serving staff are then free to prioritise their own tasks or support customers in other ways. SumUp has found that kiosk orders are generally 25-30% larger on average than in-person orders and what’s more, 65% of customers would visit more often if there were self-service kiosks in-situ. In the digital age, 56% of customers feel more comfortable ordering via a kiosk than in-person and 58% of customers find it considerably easier to navigate products on a kiosk display.

The kiosk can be brand-coordinated with matching colour schemes, text/fonts and display, with customised price options for take-away/eat-in or menu offers. Customers will be automatically offered an ‘upsell’ (larger meal deal for example), which leads to an average basket size increase by 35%.

Point of Sale Pro is SumUp’s most extensive POS solution and is the central hub within this package of tools. The iPad-based system is made up of easy-to-use hardware and software so that restaurant staff can take orders, accept payments and make important changes in just a few clicks. 

The POS system also provides valuable insights through data and reports, so business owners can always track how their business is performing. Seamlessly integrated with tools like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, QuickBooks and Xero, Point of Sale Pro ensures users have everything they need in one place. 

When orders start flying in via POS Pro, SumUp Kiosk and food delivery apps, they’re all automatically synced with the kitchen display screen—a separate tablet display that supports staff by organising orders on-screen in real time.

The Solo card reader from SumUp enables businesses to accept lightning-fast payments at the counter or on the go, with its supersonic, longer-lasting battery. All major credit and debit cards are accepted through Chip & PIN, contactless, Google or Apple Pay. 

SumUp knows that its customers often work in remote areas of the country from the Hebrides to Cornwall beach, and with that in mind, have designed portable card readers that can use Wi-Fi or mobile data, to suit the individual vendor. With an easy step-by-step set-up, you will be up and running in no time, ready for those all-important customer interactions with a fixed fee per transaction that will never be raised. 

All of these individual products can now be purchased as the quick-service package, priced at £599 (instead of £1,929).

Software costs are reduced to £59 per month (instead of £118) and card reader transaction fees are discounted to 0.99%.

To book a demonstration today, or to find out more from the in-house sales team,

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