Good food on the move

Food and Drink Matters is incredibly proud to present NüDEST Foods as its selected Health Food Provider of the Month.

Healthy snacks which are both filling and great tasting are extremely hard to find whilst travelling, exercising or on the go, which is why entrepreneur Fiona Keane established the delicious NüDEST Foods pouches.

Whilst trying to balance a busy lifestyle and constantly being on the move, Fiona found herself struggling to find a snack that would get her through to meal times that wasn’t full of sugar – so, she decided to create her own. The result was a truly delicious snack pouch, bursting with flavour and wholesome energy. Made from all natural ingredients with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours, the pouches are extremely user friendly and their health qualities make them suitable for both adults and children.

“I began working on the concept around 3 years ago and started trading in 2016,” commented Fiona. “When I first created the pouches, I realised I was not alone in my quest for a healthy, delicious snack whilst on the move and realised there was a huge gap in the market for this type of product.

“The response was phenomenal, and today NüDEST Foods pouches can be found in convenience stores and Spars around Ireland and Northern Ireland and we have plans to launch the product in the UK this coming September. We are over the moon with the feedback from customers and are confident it will be just as popular with consumers in the UK.”

Packed full of goodness and true nudists, the pouches are stripped bare of all the bad stuff and made from 100% natural fruit puree, Greek style yoghurt and whole grains, packed in a neat pouch ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere. They are ideal to pack in your handbag or gym bag for a delicious and nutritious snack whilst out and about.

There are 2 unique flavours available including Banana, Greek style yoghurt, honey & oats and Apple, pear, Greek style yoghurt, wheat & cinnamon and the team are working on some new and exciting products to be launched in the near future. These excellent flavours were recently showcased at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE), the biggest convention of its kind in the UK, where they were named one of the top 50 exhibitors.

“The NüDEST philosophy is all about keeping things simple, stripped down and minimal – in life and in food!” Fiona continued. “We NüDESTs are all about making life easy, happy, healthy and as delicious as possible. Coming from a farm in Tipperary and a family of foodie nuts, my respect for nature, the outdoors and of course good food, influences my selection of ingredients and the product design itself.

New look coming in September

“Since our establishment, our nudest camp has grown with the help of a great team of people, including some family, some friends and some lovely new faces too! We have recently moved offices and increased our staff to cope with the growing demand for products.

“We are also working on some new and exciting ventures including a vegetable based snack which will include both fruit and veg, and will be gluten and dairy free. We are also looking to introduce juices, bars and porridge in the next year to increase our offering and expand the options for our customers. We encourage anyone to give this new snack a try and I really hope you enjoy your NüDEST experience!”

For more information, contact NüDEST Foods on:
T 00353 861 719 599