Thermal Imaging at the forefront of technology

Food and Drink Matters is proud to announce that CTU Services has been selected as our Thermal Imaging Technology Company of the Year.

Based in Chorley, Lancashire, CTU Services provide industry leading products utilising expert technology to help keep businesses running. From high-tech CCTV products to the latest, industry leading temperature screening cameras, CTU Services’ products assure security and safety to both staff and visitors.

Working in both the UK and European markets, CTU Services installs worldwide, and actively has agents based abroad. CTU Services offer a comprehensive and unique multifaceted number of services which include CCTV installation, Thermal Imaging Technology, 4K Facial Recognition, Ajax Wireless Security System, TiOC Three-In-One Camera, TV Wall Mounting and Fitting and TV Ariel Installation.

As a result of COVID-19, CTU Services has learnt to adapt. Its original business model was supplying the hospitality industry with equipment such as facial recognition and Al technology.

We spoke with Joe Ibrahim, Managing Director, he explained that, “The last 12 months has been very trying for almost all businesses and since a lot of our business was related to the hospitality industry; we have had to learnt to adapt. With the closure of the hospitality industry, we added Thermal Imaging Cameras which are all Non-Contact. This will check a person’s temperature and detect someone who has a higher than normal temperature for 10 or 14 days. We offer these at £15 per week on a rental basis with a minimum rental period of 12 months.”

This flexible approach means CTU Services has been able to broaden its original business model, embrace new technology and take on new clients in new sectors. With its already impressive knowledge of the industry, CTU Services has also added a full range of CCTV equipment.

Joe explains, “Our biggest development was the introduction of a new CCTV TiOC range which includes the TiOC 3 in 1 camera with 2-way communication which is fully accessible via any mobile device worldwide. The TiOC CCTV is the latest in IP CCTV cameras. Having installed many of these into commercial and domestic premises, we feel this is the next step forward. We have in fact, assisted in the apprehension of potential criminals with the local police force as it shows you a 5 mega pixel full colour picture.”

Another popular product CTU Services provide is the Ajax Wireless Security System. Using enhanced technology, the Ajax Wireless Security System is an all-in-one security system that helps to detect intruders and protects your home or business from all eventualities including fire and water. “As the hospitality industry begins to open up again, we shall be offering this product to them,” Joe explains.

Building on its sterling reputation and expertise, CTU Services has grown and evolved with the current climate, ensuring all client’s needs are met. “As you can appreciate, sales for 2020 were affected but with the restructure of the company, the second half of 2021 looks promising.” Joe continued, “We are honoured to be receiving this award. It is a great compliment to the company and the entire team who are looking forward to helping more of our clients achieve satisfaction.”

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