UK Weighing and Bagging Machinery Specialists

Food and Drink Matters is extremely pleased to present Packing Machinery as its selected Packing Solutions Company of the Month.

A family run business dedicated to providing an honest and straightforward service, Packing Machinery specialises in the supply, service and support of a quality range of packing, sealing and bagging machinery.

The company was set up in May 2015 by owner Martin Millson who bought with him years of experience in supplying quality machinery from reliable suppliers to the market. During his experience, Martin realised he had to react to the severe machinery purchasing changes brought on by the recession. He noticed that the 2nd hand and refurbished machinery market was becoming less and less profitable as used machines were becoming less readily available due to factories and end users holding on to them for longer, rather than purchasing newer machines.

In order to continue to provide quality machinery at discount rates required to procure sales, Martin turned his head to China. After spending many months researching and determining the best, most reputable suppliers, he began to import only the best machinery from the Chinese market into the UK.

“China is a massive manufacturing power with a huge number of manufacturers,” commented Martin. “I have spent a great deal of time researching these products and seeking those that are equivalent to UK and European standards but at a much lower price. I only work with manufacturers I completely trust and won’t sell any product that I don’t have experience or confidence in.

“Unlike many competitors, Packing Machinery provides a completely honest and reliable service, ensuring customers are getting a product that is suited to the job it requires. I have many customers come to me with products which have been mis-sold to them and don’t do the job they were purchased for. We help guide them in the right direction offering truthful and honest advice about exactly what machinery is suitable and, realistically, how much this will cost. If it’s something we’re not confident in, or able to supply we’ll freely admit our limitations, often suggesting an alternative supplier, even if that means they do not purchase a product from us.”

Satisfying the needs of food factories, contract packers, bulk buyers and manufacturers, Packing Machinery’s advanced portfolio consists of Weighing Machines, Bagging Machines, Inspection Systems, Ancillary Equipment and Complete Lines coupled with services including Installation, Training, Spares and 24/7 Support.

The Complete Packaging Lines are extremely popular amongst customers as they offer a range of the most common packing systems from basic semi-automatic systems to complete automatic packing systems. These packing lines are suitable for food and non-food items and are split into standard bag sealing systems and stand-up pouch sealing systems as both packaging types require a different sealing method.

After discovering a new trend in the market for new, aesthetically pleasing and re-sealable stand up pouches, Packing Machinery has introduced a new range of low cost solutions. This comes in the form of a reliable range of automatic & semi-automatic pouch filling and sealing machines and a new selection of economy band sealers. Advice can also be provided on how to maximise the efficiency of operations and how to best manage the packing line.

“As we maintain a small business, we are able to offer better quality at competitive prices,” Martin continued. “When investing in a product from Packing Machinery, you can be sure you are getting the right machinery for the job at the best possible prices on the market.

“Customer service, value for money and a dedication to ensure customers are provided with the machinery and service they need and require, is the backbone of the business. We pride ourselves on continually exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing an extremely high level of service.”

If you would like to find out more about what Packing Machinery can offer your company or if you would like some free and impartial advice about what’s available for you, contact the company today on:
T 0345 222 0 572