AK Techotel expanding in the UK

Following the successful expansion in the Irish market, Picasso Digital is now available in the UK offering many digital hotel, conference and restaurant solutions.

AK Techotel is the company behind one of the world’s most automated cloud-based hotel systems.

Picasso Digital, is widely known in the Scandinavian countries, developed in Denmark, and well established in Sweden, Norway, Ireland and now Picasso Digital is ready to be launched with Mona AI in UK.

Picasso is a Property Management System versatile and adaptable to its user’s requirements. As a leader in its field, Picasso can create a competitive advantage for its clients. Over the few last years, tourism businesses have been diligent in reviewing their costs and reducing them where possible.

Picasso Digital has been constantly improved and evolved towards digital automated functions which are able to integrate all the functionalities required for any hotel. The benefits are undisputed, and endless such as easy access, integration to mobile devices, greater support to operators, reduction of the human error factor, reduction on staff expenses, one access to multiple functions, just to mention few.

Picasso Digital as all-in-one system that provides everything within the PMS such as a POS system, an online booking engine, a channel manager, Marketing tool, Online shopper, Online guest book, Accommodation & Maintenance management, all working together as one system. This allows for one training system; one staff log in and one set of accounts.

The staff training costs are a fraction of having to install multiple systems, saving precious time and effort. Picasso Digital is easy to learn, intuitive and hugely powerful, all in a cloud-based solution meaning it’s accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. As part of services offered, AK Techotel is at hand in helping properties to move and integrate Picasso Digital with most third-party software.

The new digital assistant ‘Mona’ is designed to manage and carry out time consuming tasks in the hospitality sector, freeing up valuable customer time at the reception desk, saving on operating costs. Mona can control reservations for you as well as sending confirmations with check-in information via SMS and email, rooms allocation, processing payments with split bill, credit card or invoicing, contactless key delivery, check-in and check-out of guests, SMS and email notifications to relevant staff regarding any issues.

Having the best hotel management software to meet your needs is the best way to improve your hotel’s operational efficiency. Every hotel is different!

To find out more about AK Techotel, Picasso Digital and the brand-new Mona digital assistant platform, please visit: www.techotel.ie

“With over 1,200 installations completed, AK Techotel knows what is required.”