Are you a busy artisan producer wanting to expand into the Farmshops and Delis?

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, then I’d love to introduce you to Ed. Ed is a big fan of the Artisan Food Club Online and has fantastic relationships with many Farm Shop And Deli’s across the regions. If you were considering having somebody out on the road representing your brand Ed and the Artisan Link would be a great option. He would be representing your product to each retailer and offering the Artisan Food Club Online as one option for the supply chain that retailers could order with, along with direct supply and, whenever you would want say to other wholesalers that you work with. It could be a great Win-Win-Win-Win.

A note from Ed:
“ArtisanLink offers a carefully crafted regional sample delivery service, providing a personalised, informed, and friendly approach to presenting and sharing samples with established farm shops and delis.”

“Enhancing brand exposure and maximising the impact of your valuable samples typically requires a range of strategies. This attentive sample presentation service generates high-quality leads, enabling producers to confidently explore and seize new opportunities.”

“ArtisanLink currently offers its sample presentation service in 6 thriving regions, abundant with a diverse array of farm shops and delis. Ed will assist you in identifying the best regions for your product, ensuring optimal exposure and engagement.”

Call or email Ed to discuss further,
T +44 (0)7947 612452