Jamu Wild Water: Prebiotic & botanical goodness

January is all about choosing healthier options, in the spirit of detoxification – what better way to start the year than trying a prebiotic sparkling water, and what’s more, this refreshing all-natural sparkle is entirely sugar-free. In the spirit of healthy goodness, we have chosen Jamu Wild Water as our Flavoursome, Sugar-Free Drinks Company of the Month.

Jamu Wild Water is suitable for diabetics, vegans, halal and gluten-free diets and comes in three mouth-watering flavours: Raspberry, Lemon and Blood orange. Each flavour is enhanced with gut-friendly fibre and botanical extracts, and instead of being bold and highly sweetened like soda, the range focuses on the simplicity of its natural ingredients and a gentle sweetness, which keeps it clean and refreshing.

Jamu Wild Water was established by co-founders: Patrick and Tahi Grant-Sturgis, a husband-and-wife team in 2022, who were seeking healthier sugar-free drinks for their own family.

We took some time out to speak to Patrick to find out more about the ethos behind the company and these three, delicious flavours, “When we launched Jamu Wild Water, we wanted to connect the functional benefits of our drinks to our mission and the holistic view of health and nature being symbiotic. If you consider the gut as having its own ecosystem whose health is determined by biodiversity and nutrients much like soil, then you see the many parallels between our internal ecosystem and that of the outside.”

“We added chicory root inulin, a prebiotic fibre and botanicals into our drinks for gut and immune support. Prebiotics are very important for providing the nutrients and desired environment for healthy gut bacteria to grow. They act as a food source for these microbes allowing them to flourish, much like a fertiliser for our microbiome.”

“In an effort to offer healthier hydration, Jamu Wild Water is entirely sugar-free, which has made it a popular choice for diabetics and low-carb followers.”

“Both human health and the health of the planet is something Tahi and myself are passionate about. These values sit at the core of Jamu Wild Water, and what we have built our mission around. We have partnered with The Outward Bound Trust, an educational charity that takes individuals out into the wild to enhance wellbeing and build self-confidence through nature-led activities and outdoor adventure, and we work with local regenerative organisations to support rewilding and biodiversity projects.”

“We’re also plastic-free in all our packaging and fully recyclable.”

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