The Delicious Dessert Company launches delectable double Yum Yums into Morrisons

To inject a bit of ‘Funfetti’ into March, The Delicious Dessert Company is debuting its fabulous Millionaire’s and Raspberry Funfetti Yum Yums at Morrisons on 1st A.

The delectable Millionaire’s Yum Yums are coated in scrumptious salted caramel sauce. Each of these sweet treats is hand finished with crunchy biscuit balls and luscious milk chocolate curls and packaged in a vibrant yellow reminiscent of the sunnier Spring months.

The Raspberry Funfetti Yum Yums are topped with delicious fruity raspberry fondant and finished with a funfetti sprinkle of fun, each perfectly pink coloured pack comes in twos, so there’s no need to share!

Claire Smith, Head of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company commented, “Our Yum Yums range has been so popular, and we are delighted that Morrison’s are extending their product range. As with all our ranges, our aim is to bring a bit of fun and indulgence into our products. The Millionaire Yum Yums and Raspberry Funfetti range will hopefully bring a smile to Morrisons’ customers, and we can’t wait from them to try them.”