Amathus presents Blackwater Distillery’s new range of Irish Whisky

Blackwater Irish Whisky is launched in the UK exclusively with Amathus

Family-owned specialist drinks importer, distributor, and retailer, Amathus presents Blackwater’s new line of craft Irish whiskies to the UK. Set to captivate whisky enthusiasts with its unique and innovative offering, Blackwater Distillery’s new range of Irish Whiskies is now exclusively available in the UK, in-store and online, at:

Blackwater Distillery, based on the South coast of Ireland, has created three limited, innovative Irish Whiskies. The small-scale distillery crafts small batches that are unique in style and character.

In the 1970s, Irish whiskey had largely been redesigned as a blended product, so the flavours that made Irish the world’s whiskey of choice were lost to time. On a journey to re-discover the true characteristics of Irish whiskey, spirits writer and TV producer Peter Mulryan set about on a journey to uncover lost flavours and rediscover the traditional distillation process that makes Irish whiskey so unique. And with that, Blackwater Distillery was born.

To distil the best Irish Whiskey, Peter looked to take it back to its roots. With the help of Head Distiller, John Wilcox, a man known for his brewing expertise and out-of-the-box thinking, and someone Peter aligned with on vision, the distillery’s unique production of Irish whiskey came into fruition.

Blackwater’s small-scale production allows for meticulous attention to detail when creating its innovative drinks. With a double distillation process, and a focus on the source of the flavour, found from the grain, the whiskies are made using 100% Irish malt, raw barley, oats, wheat and rye, to retain maximum character and flavour. The distillery creates a select few casks a week, making the new, exciting Irish whiskies a sought-after product, with a unique position in the sector. With fewer than 450 bottles per product, the whiskies are set to grab the attention of spirit lovers and whiskey advocates.

Exclusively available at Amathus Drinks in the UK, Blackwater Distillery presents:

  • Starburst Spice Bag Rye Whisky, RRP £90 (limited run of 400 bottles): A European twist on a New World whisky style; here spicy rye is softened by oats and peat, and then aged in a wonderful Ribera del Duero cask, heavy with the plum notes of Tempranillo grapes. Distilled in June 2020 Starbust Spice Bag Rye Whisky has won the World Whiskies category as the Gold winner.
  • Tasting notes: Damson jam on warm rye toast, opal chews and pipe smoke.
  • Planxty Wilcox 5 Grain Pot Still Whisky, RRP £90 (limited run of 450 bottles): Named after head distiller John Wilcox, this whisky is the first annual secret cask, a pencil sketch from Blackwater’s first distilling season in 2018. Described as ‘A great demonstration of what pot still whiskey is all about’, Whisky Magazine, December 2023, the whisky is made in a 200L American oak, rye cask.
  • Tasting notes: Marmalade toast with apple butter and stouted molasses.
  • Peat the Magic Dragon Turf Smoked Single Malt, RRP £90 (limited run of 350 bottles): Blackwater took barley and turf from the same Irish farm and malted on-site to create the only Irish whisky made with 100% Irish grain and 100% Irish peat. This is a rare collaboration between farmer, maltster and distiller and is the first single barrel release. The whisky is double distilled for more flavour, and aged exclusively in a French oak, excherry liqueur cask.
  • Tasting notes: Dark chocolate & cherry hoisin sauce, with a smoky incense

“At Amathus, we are extremely excited to launch three new craft Irish whiskies from Blackwater Distillery in the UK. Building on our strong relationship with the brand, the new, characterful whiskies are set to challenge the existing sector. We champion the very best spirit brands and Blackwater is no exception; with their traditional production process and focus on the grain, Blackwater Irish Whisky brings an exciting product to market. The limited bottles will add further exclusivity to Amathus diverse agency range and should be tasted by customers looking for a traditional Irish whiskey with a twist.” Tom Miller, Commercial Director at Amathus

Whilst it draws inspiration from the past, Blackwater aims to present a more contemporary brand of Irish Whiskey, one that values the true character of innovation, less your traditional Irish Whiskey, more a ‘Whiskey of Ireland.’