The Delicious Dessert Company extends its Eclairs and Doughnut range to Sainsbury’s

The Delicious Dessert Company expands its range with Blonde Chocolate Éclairs and Millionaire’s Loaded Doughnuts now available at Sainsbury’s starting April 8th.

The Blonde Chocolate Éclairs are a perfect addition to sunnier days, with perfectly risen choux pastry filled with decadent caramel sauce and fluffy rich cream. These sweet treats are hand-finished with a luscious blonde chocolate fondant and intricate hand-piped lacing. The Millionaire’s Loaded Doughnuts are filled with smooth caramel sauce, then topped with a luxurious chocolate crème patisserie – finished with a drizzle of gooey caramel sauce and chocolate dusting.

The launch coincides with new research revealing the importance of indulgence, with 44% of Brits admitting to hiding treats from others. Popular hiding spots include wardrobes (13%) and cars (12%), while men opt for unconventional places like toolboxes (6%) or under floorboards (6%). Claire Smith. Head of Insight at The Delicious Dessert Company commented, “Whether keeping snacks away from the kids or having a secret treat while following a diet regime, most of us allow ourselves to be a little bit cheeky to make sure we get to enjoy our own time to indulge in our own company.”