Meet the incredible supplement banishing hangovers around the world

Here at Food and Drink Matters, we are all about shining a spotlight on the most outstanding companies the industry has to offer. As such, we are proud to present Catapult Cat Ltd with our esteemed Food Supplement Company of the Month profile.

Catapult Cat Ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of food supplements specifically designed to prevent hangovers. The company was originally created by 4 Finnish private entrepreneurs in 2016, although product development on the innovative supplement began in 2010. The Catapult Cat supplement is gaining fast recognition around the world for its ability to target the cause of hangovers before they get a chance to occur.

To get a better understanding of how this works, we spoke to CEO Pekka Hokka, who explained: “Catapult Cat removes the source of the hangover, instead of trying to cure it the following morning, by neutralising Acetaldehyde whilst the consumer is still drinking. Acetaldehyde is a highly toxic substance found in all alcholic beverages and produced through the metabolism of alcohol. Based on recent Finnish research, it’s the main cause of many adverse effects of alcohol consumption, including hangovers. Our supplement contains L-cysteine, Vitamin C and seven different B vitamins to replenish those lost through alcohol consumption. All Catapult Cat ingredients are natural to humans, containing only those which are necessary to prevent toxication.”

Catapult Cat, which is patented in over 150 countries, has exploded with popularity since hitting the market, allowing adult drinkers the ability to enjoy healthy alcoholic consumption. The company are extremely proud of their supplement and believe it has the ability to change drinking culture entirely. The supplement is also incredibly easy to use. All drinkers need to do is take one tablet before beginning to drink, then take follow up tablets every 1-2 hours for as long as they are drinking.

Catapult Cat is already available in over 10 countries, with new business soon to come across Asia. Most excitingly, the company will soon be opening up their China office in 2019 in order to better accommodate the Chinese market. As for us here in the UK, you can get your hands on the supplement via CLF Distribution or even through Amazon.

As one of the most innovative and beneficial supplements to hit the market, you can expect to find Catapult Cat Ltd at a number of trade shows. This includes Natural Products Scandinavia in Sweden, and Natural and Organic Products Europe in London. Not only that, but they will also be attending Natural Products Scandinavia again in November 2018, with more shows planned across Asia during 2019 to coincide with their Chinese offices.

Pekka added, “We were awarded as the most innovative product in Sweden and have since been internationally recognized. According to show visitors, Catapult Cat was the most interesting brand in attendance, and our product was found to be the most appealing. During our trade shows appearances, we gave away hundreds of Catapult Cat supplements for visitors to test for themselves. Many of them visited our stand again the following morning and told us how impressed they were.”

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