New company venture and expansion for Midshires

In this issue of Food and Drink Matters we are proud to announce that we have selected Midshires Catering Equipment Ltd as our Commercial Catering Equipment Company of the Month.

Based from its location in Loughborough, Leicestershire the company provides sales and rental services alongside Repairs & Maintenance and installation & modification of commercial catering equipment. “We supply all commercial catering equipment throughout the midlands area for sale or hire. We have also started a new company called Compack; a glass and dishwashing range from Italy which now enables us to provide rental services on a nationwide scale.” Ian Tyler, Managing Director said.

Midshires Catering Equipment provides its customers with a fast, friendly and efficient service and repairs on all of their kitchen appliances. Renowned as specialists in commercial glass and dishwashers, Midshires Catering Equipment is a reliable and trusted supplier of top brand dishwashers, glass washers and ice machines and provides sales and rental contracts nationwide, providing its customers with an affordable alternative to purchasing such a large asset outright.

“One of the best things about using our rental services is that it provides an affordable solution for businesses as purchasing an appliance such as a commercial dishwasher, outright can cost thousands and may only come with a couple of years of guarantee.” Ian expanded,” Using our rental service, we provide our customers’ with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that we will ensure our rented equipment is fully functional and maintained throughout their whole rental period.”

Midshires Catering Equipment has provided its services for a diverse range of facilities throughout the hospitality sector. “We provide our equipment and services for end users, including: pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, schools, care homes and any business in the hospitality sector,” Ian said.

A notable feat within its services, Midshires Catering Equipment offers extensive repair services and provides repair solutions which are effective and long-lasting as well as extremely cost-efficient. Through the company’s in-depth knowledge and stock of all makes, Midshires Catering Equipment provides repairs for all of the following equipment: Dishwashers and glasswashers, Fryers, Griddles, Microwaves, Plastic cladding, Ovens, Mixers, Hot water boilers, Refrigerators, Bottle coolers, Cookers, Salamander grills, Walk-in fridges and freezers, Canopies, Stainless cladding, Ranges and Combi ovens.

“At Midshires, we have invested a lot of money into spares and we stock a lot of different makes, this enables us to carry out repairs quickly and most of the time we already have spare stock with us on the job so that we can carry out all necessary repairs in one visit, this is our goal,” Ian stated.

The most recent development for the company has been the launching of its new company Compack Warewashers, which has been designed to provide the Compack brand of Commercial Dishwashers, Glasswashers & Warewashers Businesses.

“Compack is my long-term aim and I want to push that brand.” Ian explained, “I want to get Compack’s products out into different dealers and expand our reach by working with service partners nationwide. This in turn, will strengthen Midshires as they will be the midlands main supplier of the Compack range and will help them both go from strength to strength.”

In terms of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and industries have felt the strain of a slow down or even a halt in their operations, none more so than that of the hospitality industry. We spoke with Ian about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the company.

“We were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which involved the whole team being place on furlough during the first lockdown last year. We also understood that for many of our customers, they found themselves losing revenue and struggling financially and we did provide discounted rental costs to help them during this time.” Ian continued, “In this second lockdown, I have been the only one not on furlough and have managed to continue providing services and maintenance. This time also allowed me to focus on the Compack brand. As we are now lifting out of this second lockdown, we are beginning to bring all of our staff off of furlough and have plans to be open fully from the beginning of April.”

Responding and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, Midshires Catering Equipment was able to use this time to explore its new business venture with Compack and develop new ways of expanding its business. Ian expanded on this recent development and on the company’s future plans, “My immediate focus has been on Compack and helping to build the brand and expand its distributors. We have also made plans to purchase a bigger facility and want to employ new staff for our warehouse and training purposes. Due to running Compack, I will be giving my engineers more responsibility with the running of Midshires which will be a big development for us moving forwards.

Once everything is up and running again, we hope to sell our Compack brand to more dealers and be able to advertise and provide services nationwide by working with other service partners. Ian would also like to hear from any company who would like to become a dealer or a service partner.

Indeed, a bright future seems to be on the horizon for Midshires Catering Equipment, especially with its new company Compack. With such an abundance of products, spares and services, Midshires Catering Equipment is leading the way, through its full comprehensive services and outstanding affordable prices to match.

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