NSL Checking

Giving you the power to easily and securely check identity documents in seconds and guarantee your organisation’s compliance with employment and immigration legislation.
We offer advanced identity authentication services tailored to help employers, public-sector organisations, and government bodies check potential employees right-to-work, as well as conform to the very latest immigration legislation.

  • Check against 20,000 ID images
  • Access to nearly 2,800 identity documents worldwide

NSLChecking_111_02The AuthentiScan

  • Professional authentication of copies and original passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas and residence permits
  • Automatic retrieval and export of data stored in the ID and RFID chip
  • Access to the world’s most comprehensive database of identity documents
  • Detailed & efficient audit report
  • Allows employers to comply with financial, anti-terrorist, and right to work legislation

NSL Checking products and processes are the most effective and advanced solution presently available to combat illegal migrant working.

NSL Checking can offer you:

  • Right to work checking service
  • Background screening
  • DBS Checking
  • Disclosure Scotland Checking
  • Access to the NSL Checking Helpline
  • Access to the Keesing ID Fraud Expert Helpdesk

Contact: Lucinda Jasper
T 0843 357 2282