Ragood’s ready-made sauces

Ragood is a young Italian company in love with both its culinary traditions and sustainability. We handcraft our ready-made sauces in compliance with the best Italian recipes and offer typical preserves using only plant-based meat and vegetable products.

We work with new food technologies and cutting-edge machinery to offer an innovative but equally tasty product to surprise the most sceptical person.

We stand out for our craftsmanship and quality of traditional ready-made vegetable sauces as we use prepared and complete meat alternatives rather than simple granulated based on legumes, tofu, or soy. Anyone who tries Ragood doesn’t notice the difference and instead enjoys a tantalising mouth-watering experience crammed full of goodness.

We use only Italian tomatoes to reproduce the texture and taste of classic Bolognese. We have also added porcini mushroom ragù, Sicilian ragù, mixed vegetables, and pepper ragù to our range to guarantee a wider choice without compromises. Our motto is “Same taste, different philosophy!”

Our goal is to provide the flexitarian and vegan market with ready-made gluten-free and lactose-free, sustainable sauces that ‘meat’ the needs of all consumers.

Ragood is an Italian company aware that small daily choices must be guided by the commitment to a sustainable future and innovation because they affect the lives of all living beings. And if this is possible while enjoying a good pasta Bolognese, why not?

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