Sustainably sourced shellfish

Food and Drink Matters is delighted to feature Kallin Shellfish as its duly deserved Seafood Processing Company of the Month.

KallinShellfish_120_14KallinShellfish_120_17Situated in the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, Kallin Shellfish is perfectly positioned as a small processing company specialising in the supply of quality seafood. Its placement next to the local harbour ensures its produce is responsibly sourced from what can only be described as some of the cleanest and pollution free waters in the world.

The factory operates sustainably with its dedicated fishing vessels, which seek to secure catches of different types of shellfish on a day-to-day basis. Scouring the pristine waters surrounding the Atlantic and Eastern Seaboards regularly ensures that the team can source the freshest seafood possible.

KallinShellfish_120_13One of Kallin Shellfish’s founders, Hector Stewart, was keen to tell us more about the company. “Ever since our establishment in 2000 we have grown considerably,” he said. “We have developed a great deal particularly within the last 2-3 years, as the increased demand for our produce has resulted in us employing more staff.

“Because we have a higher turnover selling more seafood, we have to produce more in order to keep up with our customers’ requirements and expectations. As a result we are purchasing from more fishing vessels and are looking to expand sales with our good quality seafood, which is sustainably caught and responsibly fished.”

KallinShellfish_120_15The Kallin Shellfish group proudly sell a delicious array of flavoursome crustaceans which make perfect accompaniments for dinner parties and special occasions. The splendid selection of lobsters, crabs, cocktail crab claws, scallops, langoustines, langoustine tails and smoked salmon available can be enjoyed all year round, as the products are suitable for summer barbeques, spring lunches and winter feasts.

The Hebridean scallops are a particularly popular offering. Caught throughout the year, they can be found across the Hebrides of Scotland and are delivered nightly at local harbours for the efficient and direct delivery to customers (within a 24 hour period). To retain their quality and texture, the scallops are cleaned following removal from their shells in a shucking process and then packed appropriately in plastic tubs and polystyrene with accompanying ice bags.

KallinShellfish_120_12Scotland is also well known for its langoustines, so it is hardly surprising that its creel-caught varieties are sold in its masses to eager retailers and consumers. Caught in creels on the East of the Hebrides, these sea creatures can be recovered from water as deep as 100 fathoms by herring bait.

Another best-seller is the Scottish lobster, which is renowned for its distinctive flavour as a luxury crustacean. Exclusively available from May up until Christmas time (due to fishing restrictions in certain weathers), this seasonal lobster is a premium product that is enjoyed internationally.

KallinShellfish_120_16The brown crabs, meanwhile, are caught traditionally across a 12 month period from both areas of the Hebrides, and so are continuously available in both fresh and frozen forms. The crab claws are individually handpicked so only those in the best condition are selected; ensuring clients receive the chunkiest portions with the richest of flavours.

Kallin Shellfish’s products are supplied to fishmongers throughout the UK as well as consumers shopping online, and can be found in various premium stores, individual stores, hotels and restaurants.

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