Multiple benefits of Proseal E-Seal®

The innovative E-seal® sealing system from heat-sealing specialist Proseal, which is available across the company’s range of automatic and semi-automatic tray sealers, offers a high-performance electric sealing solution.

Proseal_120_03E-seal® technology delivers a high-precision seal with an extremely strong sealing force, ensuring every seal has the tightness and reliability to meet the stringent quality requirements of the retail sector. This is achieved while reducing compressed air usage by over 90%, thus also delivering important energy and cost savings. At the same time, retaining pneumatic functions means the machines can also offer additional benefits, such as date coding of pre-printed film.

One major benefit of the ‘e’ design is the machines’ flexibility in being able to handle any type of tray, including atmospheric, MAP, Vacuum MAP, Skin, Skin Plus and Skin Deep. Customers can simply select the format types they require, and these can be added to or taken off at any time. This allows food manufacturers to change their pack formats in line with customer demands and market trends, without having to invest in new equipment.

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