Food & Drink IT Summit

It’s that time of year again when Wimbledon tennis will soon be in full swing, and Food & Drink Business Europe hosts the Food & Drink IT Summit – the main event for food and beverage companies interested in improving their business through data, IT and software.

AstecITSolutions_120_02Astec Solutions will be exhibiting on 5th July 2016 at Birmingham’s National Motorcycle Museum on stand 33, with over 800 delegates expected to attend to find out how they can harness data and increase efficiencies. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Creating an Efficient and Sustainable Food industry through Data’, in response to escalating data volumes and pressure to deliver improvements in the form of reduced waste, lower costs and increased productivity. As a pioneer in the intelligent use of data and implementation of best-in-class software, Astec will have valuable information on new technologies and innovations to pass on to industry professionals.

Astec’s guest speaker, Sean Robinson of Kerrco Automation will be presenting on the creation of sustainable competitive advantages from IT and ‘re-using’ plant data to drive supply chain excellence. Representatives on the stand will also be giving practical advice on how businesses can use intelligent software systems to maintain product quality, stay compliant and work smarter.

Andy Tripp, Managing Director of Astec, comments, “We continue to serve companies in a wide range of manufacturing markets, including food and beverage, delivering efficient solutions for their production and automation. Our working knowledge of SCADA, MES and batch execution systems helps clients optimise their existing processes in preparation for more cloud-based applications. I have no doubt this is the future of food and beverage manufacture, and companies who embrace the transformation will have a competitive advantage.”

This is echoed by GE Digital, who report that leaders in the Food and Beverage Industry experience 52% less unscheduled downtime, report 20% higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and 11% higher yield.

As Premier Solutions Partner for GE, and experts in the Proficy™ suite, Astec is uniquely placed to elevate traditional data monitoring and control to the next level of smart manufacturing. GE’s new cloud-based operating system and platform Predix™ is purposely designed to build applications that connect to industrial assets, using big data analytics to provide real-time insights. These insights can then be used for optimisation of infrastructure and operations.

Astec Solutions has been delivering automation and production management software solutions into the Food and Beverage, Utilities, Consumer Packaged Goods and Life Sciences sectors for over 15 years. As well as solving the immediate operational challenges which often drive project engagement, Astec strives to ensure installed solutions turn system data into valuable insight, to make it possible for clients to achieve real improvements in the effectiveness and profitability of their business.

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