TEAL warns that deli counters need to do more for hand hygiene

For delicatessen counters in supermarkets across the UK, adherence to food standards and hygiene regulations is paramount to ensure the safety of customers. Teal_119_02Employees are not legally obliged to wear protective gloves; however, appropriate hand washing facilities must be in place.

TEAL Patents – the world’s leading manufacturer of portable hot water hand wash units – is calling for action to ensure all deli counters, positioned in a leading supermarket or small, independent businesses, have the required hand hygiene facility and a back-up plan.

If a deli counter is not positioned adjacent to a hand washing basin connected to mains water and drainage, other hygiene solutions should be offered. Although anti-bacterial gel is often considered an efficient option, there is no comparison to the gold standard of hand hygiene – washing hands with soap under hot, running water.

An easy and effective solution is TEAL’s Super Stallette II. Entirely portable, the unit provides a hand wash under hot, running water. Touch-free, the unit features a fully automatic blue sensor which prevents tap-to-hand contamination.

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL patents, says, “Providing visible access to hygiene and hand washing facilities acts as a constant reminder for team members to wash their hands especially during busy periods.”

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