Think Quality, Think DI

Food and Drink Matters is incredibly pleased to feature Dudley Industries as its selected Washroom Supplier of the Month.

DudleyIndustries_115_08DudleyIndustries_115_10The company, which is based in Lytham-St-Annes, Lancashire, boasts more than 70 years of experience in the commercial washroom industry and is renowned for delivering equipment that has been meticulously manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Dudley Industries makes a concentrated effort to provide first-rate stainless steel sheet metal products in the form of strong performance washroom equipment, combination units, washroom fittings and washroom accessories. These contemporary and functional solutions are the result of decades of expertise centring on engineering excellency progressively refined using state-of-the-art modes of machinery.

DudleyIndustries_115_12“Sheet metal fabrication is where our real expertise lies,” commented Dudley Industries’ Managing Director, Gordon Higham. “Plastic dispensers don’t give off the professional image required in kitchen and hospitality environments – stainless steel is a much better material to use in the respect that it looks so much nicer than its plastic counterparts.”

DudleyIndustries_115_13Tina Bowden, Sales & Marketing Manager at the company, agreed that stainless and mild steel products come with a whole host of operational benefits. “As well as its aesthetic superiority, steel has a robustness that guarantees longevity in terms of product life,” she explained. “We have the ability to manufacture anything with these materials, so we can subsequently produce anything from wash counters and water fountains to specialist measuring equipment. As well as the core wash room products, we can also make the equipment typically found in kitchens, such as stainless steel panels, counters and long workbenches.”

DudleyIndustries_115_06The business provides supplementary services such as product branding and design customisation (as well as the provision of essential resources appropriate to each individual client). Its core competencies involve brand enhancement, innovative computer aided design development, complete turnkey operations (design, development and manufacturing included) and the monitoring of the specific details that will inexorably impact facilities management activities.

Conclusively, Dudley Industries has come a long way since its establishment. The company was originally founded in 1942 as a manufacturer of roller towel cabinets and has advanced significantly to become a globally appreciated name providing an efficient short supply chain to its ever-expanding customer base. It is best known for its ultramodern facility which ensures results that go above and beyond the standard expectations within the industry, and of course for its remarkable innovation in both washroom and sub-contract manufacturing services.

DudleyIndustries_115_09When discussing the organisation’s recent movements and future plans, Tina concluded, “This year we attended two hotel and leisure industry specific events to showcase our washroom products and sub-con work capabilities. Attending both the Hotel Show in Dubai and the Independent Hotel Show in London proved to be most successful, as the various product lines we displayed were positively received.”

DudleyIndustries_115_07Gordon added, “Whatever we do, we want to do it better than anyone else – we are never content with just making products! This is why we continually strive to improve wherever we can whilst remaining health and safety conscious; it’s my personal ambition to ensure that the work we do is carried out carefully and responsibly.

“Our mission going forwards is to reach 100 years in the trade. Having been recently appointed as the new Managing Director I am happy to report that my knowledge in the automotive industry has been effectively employed and that the company is currently performing very well.”

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