Printed carrier bags & retail packaging

Food and Drink Matters is extremely proud to present its Packaging Manufacturing Company of the Year profile to Robins Packaging.

RobinsPackaging_115_08Having been in the trade for over 85 years, Robins Packaging has established itself as a real frontrunner in the retail packaging industry. Boasting an extensive supply of plain and printed carrier bags, the business is incredibly popular due to the fact that it has the proficiency to provide solutions catering to all requirements and budgets.

It was in 1930 when founder Ernest Robins took the necessary steps in developing an enterprise which would effectively fill the gap in the market for merchandise packaging. An incredible response ensued, and the brand continually thrived, expanding to stock a whole host of plain and printed products in a variety of materials, styles, colours and weights. Now run by Ernest’s grandson, Peter Robins, the company continues to strive.

RobinsPackaging_115_07“Our dedicated team continues to provide the personal service that Ernest started and maintain the first-class reputation we have built over more than 80 years,” commented Peter.

“The past year especially has been a great success for the company. We have seen our sales exceed expectations and gained many more customers as well as experiencing steady growth. We feel highly honoured to have been named the company of the year and feel it is a testament to all our hard work and dedication. We are now looking forward to what the New Year will bring!”

RobinsPackaging_115_09“Although part of a fairly small, niche market,” continued Peter, “we still managed to branch out and extend our range of products. Our services include the provision of specially printed packaging and carrier bags, as well as the supply of polythene options and more upmarket items for instance like twist handle paper carrier bags.

“We have worked in accordance with high street stores, marketing companies, printers and agents, but we also supply smaller businesses and individual outlets. We have provided plain stock for everyday use for schools, colleges, universities and the NHS, and created bespoke printed bags for high street retailers and the like due to the fact that our range is so incredibly broad.”

RobinsPackaging_115_10Robins Packaging has proven a popular choice with multiple catering businesses; firms which utilise these standard and branded takeaway bags to impress their esteemed clientele. The family-run, Canterbury-based company has worked for the likes of many big names including Vodafone, Marks & Spencer, Burger King and Universal Studios as well as other blue chip companies & high street chains.

“Our experience, and the quality of our experience, cannot be improved upon,” explained Peter. “This is one of our key differentiators from our competitors; we don’t have a high turnover of staff, so our employees are all incredibly knowledgeable and have lots of familiarity working in the sector.

RobinsPackaging_115_11“We are honest and work with integrity – we won’t secure business under false pretences; we do our upmost to ensure that customers are happy and kept in the loop (with their orders) at all points. We work to hit deadlines promptly wherever possible because we wish to maintain the fantastic reputation we have built for ourselves.”

Robins Packaging’s exceptional product portfolio consists of paper, fabric and plastic bags with something to suit everyone’s budget. The company has recently seen an increasing interest in their fabric bags. Made from 100% natural fabric, these bags, which can have your company logo printed on, are perfect for use at a conference, exhibition, product launch or other promotional events. They are long lasting, highly visible and, according to the BPMA, are the second most kept promotional product – kept for 8.6 months on average.

RobinsPackaging_115_12Dedicated to staying environmentally friendly, Robins Packaging welcomes the carrier bag tax. “We feel the tax will boost the need for environmentally friendly bags. Our aim is to make our products more environmentally friendly and achieve carbon neutrality. We have also recently changed to eco-friendly LED lighting and had our roof covered in solar panels which are producing power in excess of our own usage, which is being fed back to the grid.”

When discussing recent movements and future plans, Peter concluded, “We haven’t experienced any particularly significant changes in the last couple of years, although we have diversified slightly to introduce more products to fast food outlets. We continually strive to improve the print quality of products, because this is an area that can always be worked on. Our product range, meanwhile, is already very extensive, so we will concentrate on recruiting more staff to cope with the increased industry demand.”

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