Unique hygiene verification product

It goes without saying that food manufacturers and processors at all levels need to ensure the protection of the products they make from contamination. In order to do this, regular monitoring needs to be carried out to check for food spoilage microorganisms and food poisoning pathogens.

Christeyns Food Hygiene, a specialist in food and beverage hygiene, has recently entered a sole distribution partnership for a brand new and unique hygiene verification tool – FreshCheck. Currently food hygiene testing is done using ATP monitoring or the more traditional TVC assessment. Christeyns Food Hygiene is now able to bring to market a new option for surface testing, recently released in the UK and Ireland and already in use with some food manufacturing companies.

FreshCheck, a patented formulation, is a unique hygiene verification test that reveals the presence of viable bacterial populations and organic soiling on food contact and preparation surfaces in a matter of seconds via a colour-change method.

Tested by Campden BRI, FreshCheck has proven to be effective at revealing the presence of low levels of both pathogenic and spoilage bacteria including Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium. It takes 30 seconds to provide a qualitative presence (or absence) of contamination, covering a 5x5cm area in one spray.