Xylem: HACCP & Quality Control instrumentation Matters!

Xylem is a leading manufacturer of portable, on-line and laboratory instrumentation, serving the market through a number of globally recognised brands including Bellingham + Stanley, ebro, WTW, YSI and SI Analytics.


Quality control, food safety and efficient processing are paramount at every stage, whether manufacturing beverages, confectionery, oils, flavours, jams, sauces, soups or simply supplying fresh product.

As well as providing premium quality, German made pH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity meters that are used right throughout the production process, O.I.Analytical GC detectors commonly analyse a number of raw materials for authenticity and pesticide residue. However, one of the most used instruments is undoubtedly a refractometer that determines the °Brix of sugar containing foodstuffs or dilution ratios of other products using application specific concentration scales such as specific gravity of brewers wort.2

Bellingham + Stanley has been manufacturing refractometers in the UK for 100 years and today, the latest OPTi digital hand held and RFM340+ precision laboratory refractometers can be found controlling many recognised household products often alongside a SI Analytics Titroline titrator that not only analyses acid content but also the blend ratio of non-sugar based diet drinks.

Bellingham + Stanley’s ADP Series polarimeters are also used to control complex sugar solutions in large confectionery factories.

2Xylem provides many critical analyses to the world’s industrialised processing and packing industries, ensuring product safety and quality are not compromised. Instrument reliability is key, as failure can lead to lost production time, missed delivery deadlines, reduced margins and a negative reputation in the marketplace, costing profits from an already squeezed balance sheet. Water treatment plays an important role at each end of the production process.

Before it is used, WTW photometry products are used to identify chlorine and ozone content. Before it is discharged, laboratory and in-line analysis of contaminants takes place to ensure wastewater does not foul our rivers and waterways.

Meanwhile, Xylem’s YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser has found its place in a number of specialist applications where low concentration sugar blends require control such as within the potato chip and tomato processing arenas.

Perishable foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish and meat require temperature or vacuum monitoring during transportation from their source to restaurants and supermarkets. Disposable ebro EBI-300 temperature dataloggers are a convenient and low cost solution to ensuring that such critical foodstuffs do not exceed safe limits.3

Although most of the instrumentation supplied by Xylem is on a B2B platform, the general public will come into close contact with our products on a daily basis. In supermarkets, wireless refrigeration monitoring triggers remote alarms under fault conditions and simple core thermometers test the temperatures of uncooked meats on display. Ebro’s FOM320 frying oil meters test the quality in commercial deep fat fryers so that our chips taste better and are free from toxins, whilst OPTi refractometers control the concentration of sauces & stocks as well as the blend ratios of beverage dispense systems.

Xylem – helping you to provide a safe, high quality end product that we can all enjoy.

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