Breakthrough in PD instruments

With the launch of a new hand-held instrument, a big step forward has been taken to understand and interpret the measurement of Partial Discharge (PD), a major cause of failure in High Voltage (HV) Electrical Assets.

EATechnology_121_02Unlike measuring Volts and Amps, PD measurements can be difficult due to the sensitivity of the measurement and environmental conditions out in the field. The UltraTEV Plus² has been designed based on feedback from electrical engineers around the world and the result is a major breakthrough for the use of hand-held PD instruments. The UltraTEV Plus² tells the operator if the measurements are real PD or if its noise or interference and can capture measurements and transfer them via Wi-Fi, meaning inspection staff can record data and move on to the next job. All the information is then available for PD and Asset Management experts to analyse the results; making comparisons, looking for trends and integrating the information into corporate Asset Management systems.

PD measurement on cables is now possible with the UltraTEV Plus², also new analytical tools allow greater ability interpret more complex results.

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