Chocolatey Clare

It’s always chocolate season so why not try something different! Chocolatey Clare bars are the perfect confectionery for those seeking a blissful balance between velvety sweetness and a rich depth of flavour. Elegant and sophisticated, lying tantilisingly on the edge of darkness.

Handcrafted in Ireland using premium organic and ethically-sourced ingredients, these luxury, dairy-free chocolate bars are available in a range of six different flavours designed to satisfy a variety of palates. Our cacao ingredients are produced from the finest organic Peruvian Criollo beans and sourced through suppliers who work with various humanitarian, environmental, and charitable projects.

The result is a truly unique chocolate that is both vegan and gluten-free, so can be enjoyed by chocolate lovers everywhere. Hand-wrapped in compostable packaging, it is a zero-waste product. The inner wrappers for the chocolate bars are made from NatureFlex™, a plant-based film that can be heat-sealed to ensure freshness. The outer boxes are printed with vegetable-based ink on FSC-certified board using wind-powered printing machines.

This offering is a true innovation, brought to life by an Irish woman dreaming of a richly satisfying chocolate with an exquisite taste and a kind heart. Contact me, I’ll let you try it.

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