Low cost temperature monitoring could save you thousands and improve food standards ratings

Operating chiller units/hot boxes with control temperatures outside of specifications can cost your business thousands as well as potentially damaging critical stock and food rating credibility under the new regulations. Cymtec_110_01Our innovative Goldilock wireless temperature monitoring system is capable of temperature monitoring up to 20 fridges, freezers and hot boxes at very low cost enabling in some cases payback timescales of less than a year, due to reduced energy costs. Temperature data can be easily uploaded from more than one business site onto a safe and secure cloud system that can then be easily accessed for quality validation etc. Further owners will be immediately alerted of any critical and costly chiller/hotbox failures so that timely mitigation can be released.

Our innovative system is extremely easy to install and maintain and has already positively impacted the running of numerous establishments. We have an excellent sale and after sales support team that would welcome any queries or discussions so as to ensure that our product meets your exacting requirements now and in the future.

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