New Safety Application

Effective Software, the Irish and UK provider of safety software, has launched its new Engage App.

The app is a complete safety solution, increasing the ability of organisations to prevent workplace incidents and help companies comply with increasingly stringent legislation and avoid fines & executive prison sentences.

The Engage App supports the capture of all data surrounding any potential incident area in a legally prudent, time efficient and cost-effective manner. All employees in an organisation can positively engage with health & safety compliance and incident prevention by using the app on a smartphone or tablet. As with the Effective Software platform, the Engage App can be used across many industries including Food & Beverage.

The Engage App’s appealing design allows users to capture and share imagery, locations and custom categories with minimal employee training. The app is fully integrated with Effective Software’s safety platform, thus providing management with actionable insights to shine a light on your business and improve real time health and safety decision making.

Effective Software has many more features and product modules that it plans to layer on and around the Engage App experience after the first product release is complete.

The launch of the Engage App is a part of Effective Softwares overarching goal of Transforming Workplace Safety. Effective Software’s purpose is to help organisations streamline compliance and minimise risk by providing a smart, flexible, affordable, compliance management system.

To learn more about the Engage app or to request a demo, click here.

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