Omnipure filters are the number one choice

Allpure Filters Limited is the sole approved European distributor for the Omnipure water filters for all drinking applications and water treatment solutions.

The family-owned business has been servicing the water industry since 1976 and bestows a friendly and ethical business practice to all customers. Headquartered in Ash Vale, Hampshire, UK, Allpure Filters Limited has a global presence with customers and distribution networks all over the world.

Boasting a varied and large portfolio of products that include water filters, solenoid valves, reverse osmosis, pumps, John Guest products, water controls, accessories, hose and fittings, CO2 control, cup dispensers, faucets, and hygiene and cleaning products, Allpure Filters Limited is your go-to one-stop-shop to buy.

Omnipure is marked as the best inline water filter in the world and develops a range of products that are both suitable and practical for commercial and residential environments. Over the years, Omnipure has revolutionised the water filtration industry, using the simple concept of ‘better tasting water’ you will only find their products in the UK through Allpure Filters Limited.

All Omnipure filters supplied by Allpure Filters Limited offer solutions to nearly every point of use water filtration problem. The current series available include CL / K Series, Q Series, E Series, ELF/ELFXL, OCB Series, OMB Series, and the L Series.

The C / K Series is the original concept developed by Omnipure that was launched back in 1970. Still being used today, the tried and tested range delivers exceptional performance in a compact, affordable package. CL / K Series filters are available in 6” and 10″ diameter lengths.

For commercial use, Omnipure’s filters organically found their way into restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and water coolers very quickly. Its reputation for being easy to use, reliable and affordable has now meant that any environment where better-tasting water is crucial, Omnipure has become the number one choice for many businesses around the world. What makes their filters different is that they include Omnipure’s proprietary industry-leading carbon block and Aquabond™ technology, so whether you use a stand-alone unit or need a filter for a customised system, Omnipure filters are the way forward.

For residential use, Omnipure is famous for introducing the first disposable point-of-use water filter in the world back in 1970. Its immediate success propelled the company forward and it has not strayed too far from this to this day. Its entire product line reflects that of its original concept, designed with quality, ease of use and more importantly, cost-efficient. Omnipure filters can tackle the most challenging residential water needs in a non-evasive package suitable for all homes.

Allpure Filters Limited is proud to be the European and UK supplier of these products from Omnipure as well as the number one supplier of choice for RWC / John Guest, Fairey Ceramic / Doulton, 3M / Cuno and other associated components all designed to improve water quality.

You can order with Allpure Filters Limited by phone on: 01252 519955 or by email at:

8.30 – 5.00pm Monday – Thursday, and 8.30 – 4.00 pm GMT on Fridays.