The benefits of a floor sweeper

A floor sweeping machine could be beneficial. Clemas_113_02Unlike a broom, which can actually create more dust, a sweeper captures dust and debris in a single pass.

Pre-sweeping an area before using a scrubber dryer enables the scrubber dryer to work more efficiently. There will be less chance of any damage being caused to your scrubber dryer machine. Common damage to your machine can be that debris causes a blockage in part of the machine or that squeegee blades become damaged due to grit wearing them. Additionally if the blades are not clean they can create streaks across the area being cleaned, meaning the area may need to be cleaned again!

Marketing Manager at Clemas & Co Ltd, Emma Hancock, confirms the benefit her customers see from using a sweeper by stating, “At Clemas & Co Ltd we believe that floor sweepers are an ideal cleaning machine for removing dust, debris and litter from any hard floor surface. Our customers are always amazed at how effective sweepers are and also how easily they can use them.”

Using a floor sweeper means that cleaning can be done in a quick and cost effective manner. It also ensures that additional cleaning machines such as scrubber dryers, floor polishers, etc, are able to work at their optimum, whilst minimising the risk of damage.

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